3 days ago When House Republicans voted on Monday night to release a memo, compiled by Rep. On Monday night, House Republicans voted to release the so-called Nunes memo – a blatant attempt to smear Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who is overseeing the Mueller investigation. A deposition, an indictment and a plea agreement are also documents, but they are ones with very real consequences. Another reason for Wray to stay is that if 21 hours ago The Nunes memo is a bit of political theater, a set of arguments laid out in a document that can be debated endlessly without resolution. 3 days ago The memo has emerged as the latest attempt by Republicans to portray the actions of the investigators in the Russia inquiry as the real scandal. With the GOP memo, President Trump and House 20 hours ago An expert on the history of intelligence oversight explains why the release of the controversial Nunes memo is an "extraordinary event. " The House Intelligence Committee will be voting on whether to release the controversial memo Monday evening, amid outcry from Democrats who believe the document 1 day ago Having stonewalled the committee's information requests for several months, the Bureau and Justice Department are hardly well positioned to complain about being denied access; the committee, by contrast, has every reason to believe they would have slow-walked any review in order to delay matters 1 day ago But at this point, the memo's actual claims are all but irrelevant — what matters is the way it will be used by the president's allies as fodder against Mueller. To the extent that he has been able to keep the media's attention on the memo's contents, Nunes has already achieved his aim: He's confused the 3 days ago But since the memo — which is culled from a year-long investigation — isn't an indictment or the entire story, there's no real reason we shouldn't use it to help For that matter, even if Donald Trump is guilty of colluding with the Russians, or whatever crime special counsel Robert Mueller has settled on 21 hours ago Understanding what really matters in the Nunes memo The FBI is welcome to rebut the Nunes memo, and I'm sure it will do so soon. “We have said all along, from day one, that we want full The Nunes memo is a four-page memo written by Republican staff members for U. For example, the [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Jan 24, 2018 House Republicans who have seen Nunes's memo don't agree on how to characterize it, but in broad strokes the document appears to make the case The real danger of a partisan, selectively assembled memo lies in the distorted picture it paints of how the FBI conducted its investigation of the Trump 21 hours ago The Trump White House and GOP leaders have zeroed in on one main justification for releasing the controversial Devin Nunes memo: It's all about transparency. S. 1 Democrats who have seen the memo, including Zach Beauchamp, “The real reason the Nunes memo matters," Vox, Jan. Devin Nunes, alleging anti-Trump bias at the FBI, they raised a very serious question for American democracy. "I've always believed in the public's right to know," Vice President Pence said Thursday. Representative Devin Nunes and released in February 2018. , it doesn't really matter what the Nunes memo says, or how idiotic and empty its claims and implications are. " But having said that, even after the Church committee there was a lot of bipartisan agreement on intelligence matters. The question is not whether there was a plot against Trump at the FBI, as the Nunes memo reportedly 21 hours ago That is most likely one reason why the FBI objects so strongly to the release of the Nunes memo — because it highlights the use of material from the Steele dossier in the FISA To Trump and Co. 2 days ago Washington (CNN) On Monday night, the House Intelligence Committee approved -- on a party line vote -- the public release of a memo alleging a litany of abuses by the FBI and the Justice Department. منذ 2 يوم. It alleges that the Federal Bureau of Investigation "may have relied on politically motivated or questionable sources" to obtain a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) 1 day ago It's hard, therefore, to see the much-hyped “Nunes memo,” which Trump declassified and congressional Republicans then made public on Friday, Each time, between 58 and 64 percent of respondents said that they believed the Russia investigation was “a serious matter that should be fully investigated. But as a matter of political reality, the memo — written by Republican staffers for Representative Devin Nunes of California, the House Intelligence Committee 1 day ago Alternatively, having made a stand, Wray might reason that the memo, essentially a political document, is not the issue on which to resign, given the likely future confrontations between the bureau and the White House that could center on even more serious matters. to believe Page was committing a crime based on its own investigatory work, there would have been no reason to use the Steele dossier at all in the FISA application. Only 7 percent of all Medicaid recipients are out of work for unknown reasons—and in depressed areas, those reasons could easily include a scarcity of local work Trump is set to release a memo written by Devin Nunes that alleges that high-ranking officials in the FBI were out to get him and that the agency didn't properly Why it matters: Nunes reportedly asked Wray to point out any "factual errors, national security concerns or material that could put FBI sources at risk. President Donald Trump now has five days to decide whether or not to allow the memo's release
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