It. It may claim you have just won a chance at a Best Buy or Walmart gift card, an iPhone 7, or something similar. . Don't Waste It seems to be worse if you use Facebook on an iPhone, as the message often looks like a new Facebook page, with a blue bar. But when I click on absolutely any link, I am redirected to some scam site. I'm on my iPad. On my iPad with current IOS, every single time I click an article on Yahoo, I am presented with a pop up saying something like "Congratulations apple user, I used to get those “Congratulations” pop ups only once in a blue moon and clearing history and web data did the trick but since “upgrading” to ios11 Mar 20, 2017 How to stop 'congratulations' ads on your iPhone. I can open the yahoo main page. Solved: I cannot use Yahoo at all
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