Pirate sim Sea of Thieves gets a closed beta later this month. Slink behind the scenes and discover . News You'll need to have pre-ordered the Jan 27, 2018 In case you are taking a look ahead to Uncommon's pirate shenanigan sim Sea of Thieves then it is value holding one eye at the sport's YouTube channel, which posts common developer diaries, gameplay movies and explainers of the video games options. Wonder if that is the first expansion. com/rare-big-ambitions-ai-sea-of-thievesJul 20, 2017 Let's start with AI – Rare boasted “big ambitions” for AI in Sea of Thieves and also stated that the current build AI's lack of threat is intended and will be updated later. By Shaun Prescott a month ago. Join the Sea of Thieves team and fan favourite pup Kato as they talk about all the latest Sea of Thieves goodness!13 كانون الثاني (يناير) 2018. The latest talks about the way that the AI of skeletons will work—they'll be Jan 27, 2018 Sea of Thieves team talk improved skeleton AI in latest developer diary. We've got big ambitions about our AI and we definitely want to have other living things in the game other than just skeletons & sharks. The most recent talks about the way in which that Dec 14, 2017 The Game awards trailer ended with a ship sailing towards a huge Island with a giant skull at the centre. The latest Developer Update talks about skeletons - more specifically, skeleton AIs. from the Tavern - Episode 13. Jan 11, 2018 Our first Sea of Thieves team infiltration of 2018 leads to a conversation about ever-evolving enemy skeletons with Sarah Noonan (Software The Developers really need to let us know more of how the multiplayer is going to work for more then 4+ friends, and if we are going to be able to form guilds or  Rare Devs Have Big Ambitions for AI in Sea of Thieves; Talk Physics wccftech. I know The Sea of Thieves team is back with another video to talk a little bit about what's to come before the big release later this year. By Samuel Horti 25 days ago. news. Official Sea of Thieves Behind the Scenes: Skeleton AI Jan 12, 2018 Ever since Sea of Thieves skeletons became a thing, the challenge of creating good enemy AI has been something the Sea of Thieves devs have had to face. How to avoid them, how to use them, January 13, 2018. news Rare has made a lot of tweaks in the past six months. Delve into the beautiful world of Sea of Thieves! Behind The Scenes #8 - Skeleton AI. Jan 13, 2018 If you're looking forward to Rare's pirate shenanigan sim Sea of Thieves then it's worth keeping one eye on the game's YouTube channel, which posts regular developer diaries, gameplay videos and explainers of the games features. The most recent dev diary video from the team goes into their progress on that front, discussing how they animate their skeletons and give them a Developer Update - The World of Sea of Thieves

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