Trump said on Twitter a day before that the U. In another 3 days ago The recent protests springing up in Iran are the most serious to afflict the Shia government in Teheran since 2009. will be watching “very closely” for human rights violations during the protests. They represent an increasing desire, especially among those born after the 1979 revolution, to see their government make fundamental changes, most pointedly to their economy. Jan 14, 2018 Effects of Protest: Does Protest Still Work? From the fight for women's suffrage to anti-war & civil rights movements in the '60s to the global protests against the Iraq War in 2003, Occupy Wall St, & the political revolutions' 2016 march on the DNC, activists have trusted that protest had the power to change Jan 1, 2018 The rare public show of dissent comes at a time when prices and joblessness are on the rise and Trump's administration has placed additional sanctions on the country. If these . S
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