He was 4 days ago Indianapolis oGoing · @IndyoGoing. Prosecutor Terry Curry says the verdict “represents the third step in a long journey for the families of Dion and Jennifer Longworth and for the victims and neighbors of Richmond Hill. Prosecutors alleged that the natural gas explosion was intentionally set to collect insurance money. The Indiana Department of Correction confirms Mark Leonard was declared deceased at an Indianapolis hospital. Shortly after . What's going on Indianapolis? Join oGoing B2B social network and get found online, promote your business, make warm connections, boost SEO and get leads. m. were arrested Friday morning and charged with two counts of felony murder in the deaths of John and Jennifer Longworth, the neighbors of Shirley and Mark Leonard who were killed by the explosion at Shirley's home in the Richmond Hill Jul 14, 2015 Mark Leonard was found guilty of all counts against him, including murder and felony murder, for the 2012 blast which killed two people. , and then-girlfriend Monserrate Shirley. 3 days ago During Mark Leonard's 2015 trial, his girlfriend Monserrate Shirley testified that in the months before the explosion she had nursed her boyfriend through a 10, 2012, explosion that rocked the upscale Richmond Hill subdivision in southeast Indianapolis, close to the city's border with Greenwood, Ind. an “almost sudden death” from what the medical examiner referred to as “blast injuries[,]” which. com. 4 days ago CARLISLE, Ind. NEWS: More on the death of Mark Leonard, convicted Richmond Hill murderer. Indianapolis, IN, USA. Shirley, her boyfriend Mark Leonard, and three others were charged with felony murder. 4 days ago Mark Leonard, the mastermind behind the Richmond Hill explosion, died Tuesday morning at an Indianapolis hospital, according to the Indiana Department of Correction. May 2, 2017 Among other offenses a jury convicted Mark Leonard of two counts of murder for which the trial court imposed Richmond Hill is a quiet subdivision on the southeast side of Indianapolis. 4 days ago INDIANAPOLIS -- One of the men who helped plan the deadly Richmond Hills explosion has died. – The man convicted as the mastermind behind the fatal Richmond Hill explosion in 2012 is dead. The blast left two people dead, and destroyed dozens of homes in the south side Indianapolis neighborhood. Mark Ray Leonard, the man convicted in the Richmond Hill explosion, was sentenced to 50 years in Feb 25, 2016 This week's verdict comes six months after jurors convicted Mark Leonard, 46; he is currently serving two life sentences. (Fort Wayne's NBC) — The man behind the Richmond Hill explosion, Mark Leonard, was found dead on Tuesday morning. , Leonard was convicted of leading the plot to destroy his then-girlfriend Monserrate Shirley's home to collect insurance money. ”. ogoing. Leonard was sentenced back in 2015 in connection to the Richmond Hill explosion in Indianapolis during which he allegedly rigged and blew up his then-girlfriend's home to fraudulently collect an insurance payment. Leonard was arrested in December 2012, along with his brother, Bob Leonard Jr. . Dec 22, 2012 Monserrate Shirley and brothers Mark Leonard and Bob Leonard Jr. Around 9:15 a. The explosion killed next-door neighbors John "Dion" Longworth and his wife Jennifer (née Buxton), and injured seven others. Leonard 4 days ago INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Mark Leonard, one of the people convicted for their roles in the 2012 Richmond Hill subdivision explosion, died Tuesday morning in an Indianapolis hospital, a state correctional authority said. The Indiana Department of Correction confirms Mark Leonard was declared deceased at the Wabash Valley Correctional Facility where he was serving a term of life without parole for his r4 days ago Leonard was convicted in 2016 by a Fort Wayne jury of murder, arson and other charges for his role in the Richmond Hill explosion. Leonard, 48, was convicted in 2015 in South Bend by a jury that found him guilty of 53 4 days ago Mark Leonard, the man considered the mastermind behind the 2012 Richmond Hill neighborhood explosion that killed two people and wounded at least a Mark Leonard was convicted in 2015 of two counts of murder as well as a litany of other charges, including multiple counts of arson and conspiracy to 4 days ago CARLISLE, Ind. Joined January 2013 4 days ago The mastermind of the Indianapolis Richmond Hill explosion, Mark Leonard, was found dead in jail Tuesday morning at the Wabash Valley Correctional Facility, according to the Department of Correction. Five 4 days ago IDOC earlier this week had placed offender Leonard on imminent death watch. Five 4 days ago FORT WAYNE, Ind
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