Jul 10, 2015 Magshimim is not an automatic entry ticket to Unit 8200 but many of its students do their compulsory military service there: three years for Israeli boys, two Today Israel, with just eight million people, captures about 10 per cent of the global cyber security market, which is growing rapidly after high-profile . S. he was joking, but it's clear that intelligence agencies are rethinking longstanding norms in order to shape a new kind of workforce — one that can rise to meet the rising tide of global cyber threats. Jul 3, 2017 U. National Security Agency to inform representatives of other government agencies about security holes it finds in software like the one that allowed last week's "ransomware" attacks. intelligence agencies have turned up the heat in recent days on Kaspersky Lab, the Moscow-based cybersecurity giant long suspected of ties to Russia's spying apparatus. National Security Agency hit international shipper FedEx, disrupted Britain's health system and infected computers in nearly 100 countries on Friday. Extortionists tricked Dec 28, 2017 The NSA isn't the only secretive national intelligence agency having trouble keeping its tech-savvy recruits. May 17, 2017 A bill proposed in Congress on Wednesday would require the U. Now, official Kremlin documents reviewed by McClatchy could further inflame the debate about whether the company's May 13, 2017 LONDON/MADRID – A global cyberattack leveraging hacking tools widely believed by researchers to have been developed by the U
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