LeBron's picks LeBron James and Stephen Curry met on Thursday to make their 2018 NBA All-Star Game selections. Jan 25, 2018 Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James and Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry may be bitter rivals on the court, but the pair agreed the inaugural All-Star draft should've been televised. Both James and Curry will make their first four picks from the pool of starters, but they don't have to stick to conference affiliation in choosing their rosters. "I'm going to try to build the best team I . In a tweak to the event's format, James and Curry got to pick their respective teams from a pool of this year's Jan 26, 2018 SportsPulse: While All-Star captains Lebron James and Steph Curry are entitled to draft their teams however they want, USA TODAY Sports' Sam Amick After that, because Stephen Curry wanted to avoid last year's humbling experience of getting dunked on by Giannis Antetokounmpo, we're confident he Jan 31, 2018 LeBron's picks include Durant, Irving and Love; Steph's selections include Dray, Klay and Giannis. " Stephen Curry, in a better mood, is promising to have more fun with his captainship. Jan 18, 2018 LeBron James said he will make his All-Star selections "to win. NBA All-Star Game draft results: LeBron James, Stephen Curry select their teams. Jan 18, 2018 LeBron James and Stephen Curry will be the captains who pick teams for the revamped NBA All-Star Game
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