- posted in General Discussion: So 416 out of the tree the 430 II is a tier 8 and the 430 is the tier 9. . May 5, 2017 3 MoE grind on BatChat 25t - posted in Gameplay: After so many sh*t battles i had, i started to play good on the BC again. Not sure why as other tier 10s i perfectly capable of but not the BC for some reason. speed forwards/backwards: 50 / -18 km / h Traverse speed: 52 °/s Turret . So, currently, Im running GLD Oct 13, 2017 Object 430 Branch Changes, New tier 10 and no 416. I guess i Oct 14, 2017 Bat-Chat 25t equipment check - posted in French Vehicles: So, Ive had my Bat-chat for quite a long while. I love her to bits. Object 430U Tier: MT-X, USSR HP: 2000 Max. The 430U is the new tier ten. i can't even get to 2. I decided 01-10-2015. But anyway, what I wanted to ask about was the equipment loadout, because Im beginning to question it. Still need to train the vision skills on her, though. I stuggle massively to get MoEs in the batchat
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