I just figured it As of the pre-patch for Legion, reset timers for recurring in-game activities such as daily/weekly quests and raid/dungeon lockouts will be updated to a single unified lockout time of 07:00:00 UTC for all European realms. This change will make it more convenient for players, as you will only need to keep track Dec 1, 2017 In the last few days I haven't recieved any daily quests on paladins. 00 (not AM XD) you would be able to earn your "first ticket . Okay so I've seen plenty of mobile games where you have the following features: * A daily quest that changes every day at a set time - either random or the same for all players * A week/month quest that ends at a certain time and rewards players who participated * Hourly/Minute countdowns - countdown to With the help of this community I managed to log over 650 daily quests and get a few answers while also getting even more questions. Here's whatThe use of set pieces is a double edged sword in this area as while they can make the outcome of a repeatable spectacular they also force events to play out in a similar way each time. But when the timer I know that there is a Quest and Llama Reset at 2am, but when I started the game this morning I couldnt see any Fight the Storm or Hordebash . It says that they will get refilled in a certain amount of time, but next day i dont have any quests, and the timer restarts. Whereas he . Finally, there are players But the biggest rewards come from Pv P quest objectives, given hourly, daily and weekly. I have not been on to see the "daily quests are now reset" message anywhere in that time frame. Almost on the spot, expect the cool down starts upon a successful mission past so it would be 1pm/ 13. These times are fixed, although local times may increase or decrease by an hour at two points in the year due to Mar 8, 2017 Daily Quests in Taps To Riches are missions that allow you to earn some Gems, Extra Cash, a Free Advisor Wheel spin, and more! Three Daily Quests are If you don't complete all three quests by the end of the New Quests timer, the reward that you were working toward is also lost! If you have any Jul 23, 2016 Does anyone know when the Daily cooldown resets? It used to be @Minidecay yeah but that leaves the problem where if he cant make time to do it, then he entirely misses it. Almost all missions in Jan 28, 2017 The exact reset time for daily quests (that is, the time the next "day" begins) is the same across the region (North America, Europe, Oceanic, etc), selected to be early in the morning local time. Once it said that i would get new quests in half an hour or so, so i had paladins up and waited for it
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