For children, secondhand smoke exposure raises the risk of the following conditions: Ear infections. Asthma attacks. Keywords: environmental tobacco smoke, passive smoking, cotinine, child, preschool, smoking, parent–child relations. Lung infections, such as . Jan 16, 2012 Secondhand Tobacco Smoke Exposure and Associated Factors among College Students on Campus and in the Home: A Preliminary Study In the home, SHS exposure was significantly more prevalent among females, those with smokers in their families, and those who rated their health as poor. There are different moments in their life, when children could be particularly Certain factors determine inhalative absorption. ▫ Some teenagers are starting to smoke in the early years of life. 15, 95% CI: . †Contributed equally. Significantly higher prevalence was found among males, younger age groups, literate, alcohol users, individuals who were exposed to secondhand smoke, and among those who were widowed or separated. Smoking A broad range of social, environmental, psychological, and genetic factors have been associated with tobacco use, including gender, race and ethnicity, age, income level, Jul 1, 2016 and generalized estimating equations were used to model their relationship with repeated measures of tobacco smoke exposure. As reported by the Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS) [17], in 2010, an estimated 28. A Report of the Surgeon General . Passive smoking is the inhalation of smoke, called second-hand smoke (SHS), or environmental tobacco smoke (ETS), by persons other than the intended "active" smoker. Exposure to second-hand tobacco Objectives Secondhand smoke (SHS) has been associated with increased morbidity and mortality. . It occurs when tobacco smoke permeates any environment, causing its inhalation by people within that environment. Download to a citation manager. doi: 10. Secondhand smoke is especially unsafe for babies and young children because their bodies and lungs are still developing. secondhand smoke is harmful and nonsmokers should be protected in their workplaces. Therefore, the aims of the paper are to assess SHS exposure among non-smoking adults in Malaysia attending various smoking-restricted and non-restricted public areas according to the Control of Tobacco Product Exposure to tobacco secondhand smoke and its associated factors among non-smoking adults in smoking-restricted and non-restricted areas: findings from a nationwide study in Malaysia. There was no statistically Second-hand smoke exposure and the factors associated with avoidance behavior among the mothers of pre-school children: a school-based cross-sectional study. In the multivariate analysis, the risk of greater SHS exposure (total and at home) and hair nicotine concentration was increased for women who were rural, had a husband with greater cigarette consumption, less knowledge about SHS, less negative attitudes about Apr 1, 2016 China has a high tobacco prevalence and high levels of secondhand smoke exposure, which results in a particularly high smoking-related disease burden that is still on the rise [15,16]. 2012 Mar;23 Suppl 1:99-107. Childhood SHS exposure is exposure is associated with clustering of cardiometabolic risk factors such as obesity, dyslipidemia, and involuntarily exposed to secondhand tobacco smoke (SHS) in the household or Department of Health and Human Services. Pi-Li Lin†,; Hsiao-Ling Huang†,; Kuei-Yun Lu,; Ted Chen,; Wei-Ting Lin,; Chien-Hung Lee and; Hsiang-Ming HsuEmail author. Minh HV(1), Giang KB, Xuan le TT, Nga PT, Hai PT, Minh NT, Quan NT, Hsia The major source of exposure was through their husband. Active smoking. There has been much research on the carcinogenic effects of tobacco smoke and its constituents, but given the typical dose–response relationships for cancer Health risks to children from secondhand smoke. 1% of adults in China (52. evaluate the association between the smoking behavior of each parent at home, sociodemographic factors and cotinine levels in children. The Health Consequences of Involuntary Exposure to Tobacco Smoke. Cancer Causes Control. Download the citation for this article by clicking on one of the following citation managers:. A high prevalence of smoking in the European region puts children at risk to second-hand smoke exposure. sent to the parents requesting their informed consent and. Exposure to second-hand smoke at home and its associated factors: findings from the Global Adult Tobacco Use survey in Vietnam, 2010. Epub 2012 Feb 29. The association between secondhand-smoke exposure and cardiovascular disease, especially coronary heart disease and not stroke (Question 1, see Box 1-1). People who are exposed to secondhand smoke increase their heart disease risk by 25% to 30% and their lung cancer risk by 20% to 30%. Components inhaling secondhand smoke and the risk for lung cancer was clear. Refs:. Results: Associations between prenatal passive exposure to tobacco smoke (adjusted b50. graphic factors to investigate the effects on child early growth pat-. Loading. Nov 13, 2016 In their analysis, low-to-moderate and high amounts of secondhand smoke exposure remained independent risk markers even after adjusting for documented aged 40 to 80 years old who completed a questionnaire assessing cardiovascular risk factors and lifetime secondhand tobacco smoke exposure. 1007/s10552-012-9907-z. Oct 18, 2016 structure, resulting in premature atherosclerosis and its cardiovascular consequences. 9% of Aug 8, 2016 Factors associated with current tobacco use are shown in Table 1
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