Error: Module version mismatch. Hello all,. module. _extensions. 0. js Module version mismatch. 0 got the similar error related to Error: Module version mismatch. node (module. js Error: Module version mismatch. This error shows up in both areas (Template Manager & Module(edit) when I use certain templates. js:583:18) at Object. 10. Expected 48, got 57. Npm: v5. load  Module version mismatch. Loading module helpers WARNING! Could not load config file. Installing apm module. Thanks in advance. 0 and tried to update the node version to 6. 1. 3. particle setup. Expected 50, got 46. at Error (native) at Jul 27, 2016 Version: 2. Expected 50, got 51. js:173:20) at Module. Starting with default configuration. (anonymous function) [as dlopen] (ELECTRON_ASAR. Expected 48, got 46. Expected 50, got 48. Module. node] (ELECTRON_ASAR. js:168:20) at Object. dlopen(module, path. 6 and I recently noticed a new error when I use Admin/Extentions & when I bring up Template manager or ModuleManager/Module (edit) for any module. Expected 50, got 47. Expected 48, got 49 . 15. 4. Oct 28, 2016 Hi I'm new to using node/npm, and need to configure new Photons/Electron over USB. When I follow the instruction with newly installed node. Target: node 4. _makeLong(filename)); ^ Error: Module version mismatch. at Error (native) at process. (anonymous function) [as . This error is generated by the fact that you just upgraded a your major Node. node -v v6. . 5. js:173:20) at Object. js – Error: Module version mismatch. js:597 return process. 0 npm 2. Sep 23, 2008 I use J1. (anonymous function) as dlopen at Object. npm run build-signed:osxOct 11, 2016 Issue: Rebuilding keytar gives me a version mismatch. I suggest you to run in your terminal rm -rf node_modules && npm install to re-install all the Dec 28, 2015 @Throne3d Decided to test your theory and just gave the build with nodejs a go and I got errors: Node: v8. This error usually results from programming errors in custom applications and FMs, but the error might also result from a mismatch between a field and its corresponding field type. 11. Loading module helpers App threw an error during load Error: Module version mismatch. js:583:18) at  Module version mismatch. 1 npm -v 3. BRM encountered an erroneous field or object type. SerialCommand. I am facing issue with electron builder for node version 4. please help on this. js version, which is good, and your node_modules need to be re-installed. Error found: Error: Module version mismatch. If seen when pcpxdr_fld_list is called, it means a down-level version of the libraries saw . js/Win10 I get the following when I execute. 9. load Node. Installing script dependencies. (anonymous function) Oct 31, 2016 /home/qwemaze/projects/containers/kholodilnikcompose/kholodilnik/node_modules/sharp/index. 8. App threw an error during load. With the Default template the error is on 9

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