I highly doubt that your friends will instantly and seamlessly enter the world whenever they feel like it. “It's not a delay,” EA CFO Blake Jorgensen told the Journal. 3 days ago Anthem is BioWare's shiny new persistent-world multiplayer shooter which… given how little they've shown and said about it, let's say it resembles Destiny but with Iron Man armour and more spacejungle. It's just that they're holding it back to space it apart 4 days ago According to EA's chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen, despite moving the release date to 2019, “it's not a delay. 2. EA will be 3 days ago But even as it confirmed the new date, EA denied Kotaku's report, saying that the change has nothing to do with development being behind schedule. “People 4 days ago But it's not a delay, EA exec tells Wall Street Journal. EA confirmed to the Wall Street Journal that Anthem has been pushed back to. ” Instead, EA views the move as an opportunity to give Anthem a chance to get more attention as a new property than if it was forced to compete in a more crowded fall marketplace. Last week, Kotaku reported that Anthem would not launch until 2019, with unidentified sources at BioWare saying the fall 2018 window was never considered realistic. Even though the game looks great, this 'gameplay demo' reminded me a lot of Destiny's when it was first revealed. 4 days ago Last week's report from Kotaku that Anthem will miss its Fall 2018 release window has turned out to be true. to create a story,” Jorgensen told the Journal, denying reports Anthem was delayed. Despite the delay, EA say Anthem is not delayed. Rather, EA doesn't want to launch Anthem and a new Battlefield in the same quarter. I'm betting Q2 2019 for release. Bungie . Jun 11, 2017 Expect a delay announcement early next year

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