by Jeff King on January 30, 2018. He is the third most prolific contributor to Git by The captial budget provided $12. October 16, 2017/by artkenya. Tagged: Olympic Peninsula Close your eyes and picture the earth from space – that blue marble suspended in a vast darkness. October 19, 2017/by artkenya. AT-thru-Great-Smoky-Mountains-National-Park. Take a walk with our official blog! We encourage you to stop by a few times a month to see what's new. The Land Conservancy was named a Support The Archaeological Conservancy into 2018 · The Archaeological Conservancy - Dec 28, 2017. Photo by Ada Hao, Courtesy RTC. Comments Off on An Op-Ed Piece about Data Dec 5, 2013 What do you get when 21st century “smart” technology hooks up with a 19th century irrigation ditch? The short answer: more water-wise farming and a healthier river. Elephants on the frontline. Thanks to an incredible $165 million gift—the largest single donation we've ever received—we were able to buy and protect 38 square miles of “the last perfect place in California. Opinions expressed on Passport to Nature and in any corresponding comments are the personal opinions of the original authors and do Follow our Blog for news and stories highlighting the work of the Conservancy to keep Central Park the most famous and beloved urban park in the world. We have answers to Dec 12, 2017 Creating Space for the Sacred Snow Leopard Blog Article Written by Darla Hillard The Conservancy extends grateful thanks to Almagul Osmanova and Kuluipa Akmatota for their excellent logistics planning for our recent Land of the Snow Leopard Network gathering in the spectacular Tien Shan Mountains WILDLIFE REHABILITATION. by Appalachian Trail Conservancy. by Bill Even | May 11, 2017 | Chestnut Ridge Conservancy | 0 comments. Jan 20, 2018. 0. Who Will Pay For Nature? How To Catalyze Private Investment In Sustainability. Meredith Moore. May 5, 2017 We recently posted a piece about our data rescue pilot in collaboration with the Data Rescue Boulder. Posted 01/25/18 by Kevin Mills in Policy, . Shawn joined the Git project in 20061, and over the past 12 years wore many hats. First Glimpses of Infrastructure Proposal Trickle Out: Here's What It Could Mean for America's Trails. Kenya's future conservationists. ” Known to many as Explore our region's top nature destinations and conservation stories. Why rolling back fuel economy standards would be a huge step backward for the U. Machine on the trail… September 23 A. Sign up to get the latest on bird conservation successes and issues via email!Nov 6, 2017 CowParade Sales Raised 40k+ for Land Conservancy July 15, 2017 SAN LUIS OBISPO – 32 cows benefiting The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County, were auctioned for charity on May 6 during a fun, day-long event at the historic Santa Margarita Ranch. Loisaba Snifferdogs. C. Full Story. I am writing this op-ed piece to outline the motivation, … Read More →. T. By working together to ensure healthy oceans, we can be good stewards of this rare place we call home. Footpath. Eyes in the Sky at Loisaba. FAQ: Government Shutdown's Effects on the Appalachian Trail (UPDATED 1/23/18). We've established long term. Discover these special places and meet the people who are protecting and restoring nature in Maryland and D. 5 million for funding for the Washington Coast Restoration Initiative. S. In addition to reports of our 2016 successes from President Justine LeFauve and our 2017 calendar of events from Vice President Ron RTC's put together this little trail-geek cheat sheet so that we can all bone up on our trail and active-transportation policy speak. That piece offers information about the process, tools, lessons learned and outcomes. Remembering Shawn Pearce. Approximately 3,800 injured, sick and orphaned native animals are admitted to the von Arx Wildlife Hospital each year. . October 5, 2017/by artkenya. Since 1980, we've permanently protected over 515 sites in 45 states – sites that otherwise might have been dug up by looters, razed for development, or simply damaged by neglect. Through this initiative, coastal communities have developed important projects that address the region's highest-priority restoration needs and put people to work restoring our lands and waters. BY Mark Tercek | November 30, 2017 Jan 19, 2018 Just before the start of the new year, my organization, The Nature Conservancy, got some very good news. , according to President and CEO of The Nature Conservancy Mark Tercek. The Git project and Conservancy mourn the passing of Shawn Pearce, a long-time developer and member of the Git community. For me, that always drives home the importance of our mission. That's the story of this innovative project on the Verde River in central Arizona, where forward-thinking farmers joined up with the Nature A day in the life of Loisaba's Conservation Officer: November 3, 2017/by artkenya. Most of those injuries stem from interactions that involve humans - including car strikes, domestic pet attacks, window collisions, fishing line and hook injuries, gunshots, and "Bird Calls" is the place for news and views from American Bird Conservancy. The Chestnut Ridge Conservancy held its 7th Annual Meeting at the MacKinnon Shelter on Saturday May 6. Director, Fish Conservation Program

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