I have also updated my Patreon to reflect my new novels. Did they come to this mountain They might go into hiding somewhere in the Baekun Mountains, but they would die by Theodore's hands if they appeared again. Jan 13, 2018 Previous Chapter Next Chapter Chapter 255 - Baekun Mountains (4) Papak! Every time his feet hit the ground, Theodore's body moved a few dozen meters at once. Dec 30, 2017 Previous Chapter Next Chapter Chapter 243 - Where is This (3) It was clear they weren't coming with good intentions. Jan 10, 2018 Previous Chapter Next Chapter Chapter 252 - Baekun Mountains (1) Morning appeared quickly on the spacious plains to the east, north, and west of the Baekun Mountains. Jun 16, 2017 Title: The Book Eating Magician (책 먹는 마법사) Author: Mekenlo (메켄로 ) Status: 248 chapters (Ongoing) Raws: Munpia Translator: Rainbow Turtle Editor: LD Schedule: 6 chapters a week BEM: Chapter 23 – Night in the Nadun Mountain Ranges #1 . Jan 11, 2018 (4/6) Chapter 252 BEM Artwork Page Current schedule: 6 chapters a week to match the author's release rate. ” Theodore's pace was fast, but it was challenging to climb the slope of the Baekun Mountains on the East Continent. Jan 11, 2018 Previous Chapter Next Chapter Chapter 253 - Baekun Mountains (2) “The Tiger King is a tiger, just as the name implies. BEM: Chapter 252 – Baekun Mountains (1). Theodore watched them 6 days ago Previous Chapter Next Chapter Chapter 267 - Three Days Free (1) Immediately after the battle began in the three areas by the border, the northern powers started the work for a full-fledged war. Even though it was a mountain range, the cries of roosters during the early dawn didn't allow them to oversleep
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