Seven hundred experts from the World Economic Forum's "Future Councils" just met in Dubai to plot a path through these competing . Meanwhile, natural disasters such as the devastating floods in South Asia—the worst in a Jan 6, 2016 With large, unprecedented losses for Hun Sen's ruling party in the 2013 national elections, the big challenge in 2016 will be: With local and national elections looming in 2017 and 2018, can the state find the incentives to kick start the kind of reform efforts (think defense, justice, and civil service) which Nov 12, 2017 Our future's bright: new technology promises solutions to the world's biggest problems. But the future's also frightening: accelerating change is disrupting every aspect of life. Religious and ethnic tensions spilled out onto the streets, game-changing elections toppled leaders as new ones emerged, some economies boomed while others declined. Jan 3, 2018 Without a doubt, 2017 put Asia to the test

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