” Sky-Futures Our disruptive unmanned aerial imaging drones include a range of dedicated aerial imaging solutions for both infrastructure inspection and maintenance as well as but not limited to powerline inspection, powerline digitalization, isolator check, leak detection, emergency inspection, asset management and surveillance. The drone is designed to be used in hostage situations, border infiltration monitoring, law enforcement operations, search and rescue operations, disaster management and aerial photography. Image : Laserpas. aerial vehicles' (UAVs), also known as drones – but this report deliberately . Integrate the staff PIR help the commander filter information available to him by defining what is important to mission accomplishment. In today's Army, information is a critical element of combat power. This Code is intended to promote safety as a priority for customers, the public and industry workers; nationally consistent practices to improve safety; and economic efficiency through standardisation. Protection of military UAV assets Utility line construction and maintenance news, products and information for linework, power line construction and substation maintenance using trencher, boom lift, service cranes and lift Power management company Eaton has announced a new series of reclosers to help utilities support a smarter, more reliable grid. May 31, 2017 Instrumentation and control (I&C) systems impact nuclear power plant reliability, efficiency, and operations and maintenance costs. Program develops and transfers advanced I&C and information technologies to help owner/operators use I&C to improve safety and reduce costs in nuclear power plants. AusNet Services' Customer and Community Manager, Gareth Downes, said the aerial surveillance program was integral to keeping the network safe and Abstract: The risks of military unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) being subjected to electronic attack are well recognised, especially following high-profile incidents such as the interception of unencrypted video feeds from UAVs in Iraq and Israel, or the diversion and downing of a UAV in Iran. There is an effort to make the power grid more reliable, but the May 5, 2015 For many years, utilities have used aerial surveillance and network patrols using helicopters and fixed wing aircraft have been used to supplement ground based inspections. It aims to assist with the interpretation of regulatory In addition, IBM provides a mission readiness solution that helps monitor, maintain and optimize military assets. The United States is facing increasing power outages, surges, and spikes problem, which costs around $150 billion annually. Source : Laserpas. SAIC's Integrated Surveillance & Security Solution (IS3) is a tailored system of domain awareness sensors that connect to a Physical Security Information IS3 provides in-depth facility defense for coastal and border surveillance, pipelines, dams, bridges, ports, law enforcement, chemical and power plants, and airports with Nov 2, 2011 This plan outlines the identified hazards associated with Aerial Surveillance operations by helicopter and fixed wing aircraft. They can sometimes be shot at and shot down and are in need of a great deal of maintenance. This can ensure they are used to full capacity and are ENA Doc 001-2008 National Electricity Network Safety Code. May 19, 2017 Low-flying helicopter inspections across Gippsland have begun as part of AusNet Services' intensive maintenance and bushfire mitigation work. be a public backlash against the perceived power of new technology to At a first level, surveillance of infrastructure involves the logistics company in monitoring its own sites and assets. The speed Integrate battalion reconnaissance with cavalry squadron (RSTA) reconnaissance and surveillance assets. IBM Predictive Maintenance and Quality enables better mission outcomes by monitoring, maintaining, and optimizing assets, predicting asset failure and . “Our UAV Inspection Service is available at short notice, and for preventative routine maintenance of assets, both safer and more cost-effective than previous techniques. Published on: January 24, 2018. Industries such as petrochemical, oil and gas, construction, communications, and utilities must carry out regular inspections of their equipment to ensure it is in safe working order. Aerial surveillance with intelligent mapping overlay. Human inspections can only go so far as people are often limited when it comes to heights or confined spaces. They also require host Aerial images can help peacekeepers familiarize themselves with the terrain, their objectives and the What our Drones can do to help. Nov 15, 2016 Drone Aviation and Infor to Provide a Complete, Efficient, and Safe Asset Maintenance Solution aerial platforms, including lighter-than-air aerostats and electric-powered drones designed to provide government and commercial customers with enhanced surveillance and communication capabilities. Walter . It can also be used in naxal-affected districts, in border locations across India for surveillance, and for anti-terrorist and Aerial surveillance helps for power assets maintenance. “Aerial Surveillance: Eyes in the Sky” in Air Power in UN Operations: Wings for Peace (A. As an example, a current unit in operation by Select Solutions to carry out inspections of electricity distribution assets features:. Helicopters shall operate with a minimum 5% power margin based on Out of Ground of damage would be helpful to assess appropriate treatment and/or recovery strategies

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